Shoe + Mask Combo

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Ready to let that spark of your inner confidence shine bright?

With Frou Frou's Burnt Orange Embroidered Mask and Nude Ember Mules set, feel your spark of confidence surface and take on the world with its alluring brightness!

The ornate design of Nude Ember Mules paired with the stunning & safe design of the Burnt Orange Embroidered Mask, will let you flaunt your style while staying fully protected.

Whether it's a long day out in the elements, a stressful day at the office or an evening of countless festivities; with this combo you'll gleam enticingly bright and confident wherever you go!

Product Details:


Footwear: Ember Mules
Colour: Nude
Material: Vegan Leather
Heel Type: Sole + Wooden Block
Heel height: 1 Inch
Style: Mules


Mask: Embroidered Mask
Colour: Burnt Orange
Material: Soft Cotton
Layer: Double-layered
Items: 1 Mask + 1 Pouch
Care: Hand-washable, Reusable