Navy Blue Textured Checks Face Mask

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Show the world who's in charge by masking up with Navy Blue!

When you want your style to do all the talking, let the muted shade and sophisticated look of our Frou Frou Navy Blue Textured Checks Mask help you out! Whether it's a laid back day or a business meeting, with our textured checks mask, you will always feel stylish while being safe. What's more, the unisex design of the Navy Blue Textured Checks Mask, whether you are a man or a woman, makes it a must-have in your wardrobe!

Our Navy Blue Textured Checks Mask has been handcrafted prioritizing your utmost safety. Comprising of a soft, breathable cotton fabric with pleating and double-layering, this mask will ensure not only your comfort but also your protection. The fabric-covered ear elastics reduce ear strain and thus enabling you to keep your mask on for a longer period.


Product Details:


Colour: Navy Blue

Material: Textured Cotton Fabric

Layering: Double-layering

Care: Hand-washable, Reusable