Inara Ruffle Flats + Heart Flower Candle

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From a work day to party nights, these not-your-regular flats can be worn as seamlessly at a girly brunch as much as at a sangeet party!


Footwear Details:

Colour : Fuschia Pink

Material : Satin Fabric

Heel Type : Flat Block

Heel Height : 1 Inch

Style : Ruffle Flats


Fleur Candle (heart-flower candle)
Organic, soy based luxury candles. A beautiful candle filled with goodness and fragrance taking the shape of four small hearts compacted in a flower. Hand-poured in small batches.

Candle Details

Colour: Lilac
Qty Nt Wt: 290g
Dimension: Dia:
Burn Time: Upto 25 hours
Ingredients: Soy wax, fragrance, cotton wicks and organic dye.



-Never leave a burning candle unattended.
-Keep away from things that can fire, children and pets.
-Always cut wick 3/4th of an inch before each burn.
-Keep away from direct sunlight.
-Place your candle on a heat resistant dish to catch the melted wax while burning for pillar candles.
Happy Lighting!